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The nature of post-translational formation of MM creatine kinase isoforms.

Isoforms (derived from the same isoenzyme but distinguished by differences in isoelectric point) of MM creatine kinase appear in plasma after myocardial infarction. They are formed by conversion of the tissue form of creatine kinase (MM-A, pI 7.80) to progressively more acidic species (MM-B, pI 7.50) and MM-C (pI 7.20) after release into the circulation. To define the changes responsible for myocardial MM creatine kinase isoform formation in humans and dogs, purified isoforms were treated with trypsin or cyanogen bromide. The digests were fractionated by reverse-phase high pressure liquid chromatography. Comparison of proteolytic maps showed that MM-A and MM-C were each characterized by a single, unique peptide peak. Maps of MM-B creatine kinase contained both of these peaks. Sequence analysis and comparison with the complete amino acid sequence of MM creatine kinase showed that the peptide unique to MM-A corresponded to the COOH-terminal tryptic or CNBr peptide. The peptide unique to MM-C was shown to have the same amino acid composition except for lysine (the COOH-terminal amino acid). Thus, isoform formation is characterized by the successive removal of the COOH-terminal lysine residue from one M subunit at a time resulting in the conversion of MM-A to isoforms MM-B and MM-C.[1]


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