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The 'normalization' of germ-free rabbits with host-specific caecal microflora.

Hysterectomy-derived germ-free rabbits were given colonization-resistant caecal flora (CRF) from mice, or microflora obtained from the caecum of an antibiotic-decontaminated conventional rabbit and compared with rabbits conventionally raised with the doe. Bodyweight and the following intestinal parameters were determined for the 3 groups: colonization resistance to E. coli, relative caecal weight, villus:crypt ratio (ileum), beta-aspartylglycine (faeces), volatile fatty acids (caecum), and bile acids (faeces). Germ-free rabbits given mouse CRF-flora showed values quite different from control animals for most parameters, indicating unsuitability of mouse CRF flora to 'normalize' rabbits. In germ-free rabbits given modified (antibiotic-treated) rabbit flora, values for most parameters were intermediate between those found for the other 2 groups. This species-specific caecal flora should be improved to provide full 'normalization' of germ-free rabbits.[1]


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