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Hormonal and physical changes associated with bovine conceptus development.

Conceptus (placental membranes, fetal fluids and fetus) development was characterized between Days 27 and 111 of gestation. Progestagens, oestrone, oestradiol, oestrone sulphate and prostaglandins (PG) F were measured in maternal plasma and allantoic and amniotic fluids. Protein concentrations are described for fetal fluids. The early increase in placental membrane weight from 1.12 g (27 days) to 58.45 g (50 days) was associated with oestrogen production presumably of conceptus origin. Oestrogens increased significantly in allantoic and amniotic fluids throughout the period studied with oestrone being the primary free oestrogen, rising from 2 pg/ml (Day 33) to 144 ng/ml by 111 days in allantoic fluid. Changes in plasma oestrogens of the maternal circulation were not detected until after Day 70 at which time oestrone concentration was greater than that of oestradiol. Fetal fluid concentrations of progestagens, oestrone sulphate and PGF were not related to maternal plasma levels and a sequestration of these hormones by the allantois is postulated.[1]


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