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Regulation of IgE antibody production by serum molecules. IV. Complete Freund's adjuvant induces both enhancing and suppressive activities detectable in the serum of low and high responder mice.

Two biologically active serum molecules manifesting precisely opposite biologic effects, both of which are selective for IgE antibody synthesis, can be detected in the serum and ascites fluids of CFA-immune mice. One activity, described previously, is suppressive and hence termed suppressive factor of allergy (SFA); the other, reported for the first time herein, is enhancing and has been termed enhancing factor of allergy (EFA). The ability to detect one vs the other activity requires certain special manipulations such as different doses of low dose x-irradiation. Conclusive evidence for the existence of two distinct factors mediating these two opposing biologic effects was obtained in studies demonstrating that affinity chromatography on concanavalin A-Sepharose segregated the two molecular entities. Thus, SFA binds poorly or not at all to Con A-Sepharose, whereas EFA binds to Con A and can be recovered in the eluate eluted with the competitive sugar alpha-methyl-D-glucopyranoside.[1]


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