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Allozyme genotype--environment relationships in natural populations of Drosophila buzzatii.

Allozyme frequency data from natural populations of Drosophila buzzatii were analyzed for genotype--environment relationships. Allele frequency and heterozygosity at six loci polymorphic throughout eastern Australia and a number of environmental factors (both means and variabilities) were examined by a variety of multivariate techniques. Significant genotype--environment associations were found for five of the six loci, and after correcting for geographic location significant associations remained for Est-2 and Adh-1 gene frequencies and heterozygosities and for Pgm gene frequencies. The results are discussed in relation to selection and gene flow and provide the basis for laboratory studies to disentangle confounded effects of (1) environmental means and environmental variabilities and (2) allele frequency and heterozygosity, and thus to further test for and determine the nature of any natural selection at particular allozyme loci.[1]


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