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Role of 24- and 28-hydroxylated intermediates in the metabolism of beta-sitosterol in the insect Tenebrio molitor.

1. [28-3H]Stigmast-5-ene-3 beta, 28-diol and [23,23,25-3H]stigmast-5-ene-3 beta, 24-diol were synthesized. 2. Each of the samples was mixed with beta-[4-14C]sitosterol and administered to Tenebrio molitor larvae. 3. The former compound is not utilized by the insect; the latter, although metabolized to 24(28)-ethylidene sterols and cholesterol, is not a beta-sitosterol metabolite. 4. The above results are discussed in relation to the mechanism of formation of the 24(28)-double bond in beta-sitosterol metabolism in T. molitor.[1]


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