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Electron microscopic, histochemical and disc gel electrophoretic studies on the deoxycholate soluble proteins from human plantar horny layers.

The matrix proteins of human plantar horny layers were extracted with deoxycholate, purified and examined with the light and electron microscopes, and their histochemical characteristics were investigated. About 44.3% of the total proteins was released into the 270,000 X g supernatant fraction, following incubation with deoxycholate, and the precipitate obtained by dialysing this supernatant fraction consisted of fine granular materials which were found to be electron dense, round material under the electronmicroscopy. Small electron dense dots were seen on the surface of this material. This pellet was positive with Pauly's reagent, toluidine blue and Harris hematoxylin-eosin. However, the material further purified by the molecular sieve chromatography was negative with Pauly's reagent. And it had been proved to be of keratohyalin granules origin by the indirect immunofluorescent study. Another protein fraction which was obtained by the molecular sieve chromatography was positive with diazotized sulfanilic acid and showed tinctorial properties as keratohyalin granules show in vivo.[1]


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