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Major surface antigen gene of a human malaria parasite cloned and expressed in bacteria.

The late blood stages of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, carry a major surface antigen, p190, of molecular weight (Mr) 190,000. This antigenically variable protein is actively processed, first as the parasite matures and again when it is released into the blood stream and invades a new erythrocyte to initiate a cycle of growth. It elicits a strong immune response in man; all tested adult sera from endemic areas have antibodies against this protein. Our evidence indicates that purified p190 can alter the course of parasitaemia in monkeys with falciparum malaria. We have also succeeded in cloning part of the gene for p190 and expressing it in Escherichia coli. To this end we have developed a new technique, antibody select, which greatly simplifies final identification of expressing clones.[1]


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