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Human DNA sequences homologous to a protein coding region conserved between homeotic genes of Drosophila.

Several human DNA sequences were isolated by virtue of homology to a highly conserved region that has been identified in a number of homeotic genes in Drosophila. Structural analysis of the human DNAs indicate that two separate and distinct regions sharing a high degree of homology with the homeo box sequences of Drosophila are separated by only 5 kb in the human genome. Sequence determination of these regions reveals that both human DNA sequences contain a region capable of coding 61 amino acids, which shares greater than 90% homology with the peptide sequences specified by the homeo box domain of Drosophila homeotic genes, Antennapedia, fushi tarazu, and Ultrabithorax. By contrast, the human DNA sequences lying outside of the 190 nucleotide homeo box region share virtually no sequence homology, either with the flanking sequences of the other human clones or with flanking regions of the known Drosophila homeotic genes.[1]


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