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Mössbauer and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of horseradish peroxidase and its catalytic intermediates.

We report Mössbauer and EPR measurements on horseradish peroxidase in the native state and the reaction intermediates with peroxide and chlorite. A detailed analysis of the electronic state of the heme iron is given, and comparisons are drawn with related systems. The native enzyme is high-spin ferric and thus has three Kramers doublets. The unusual magnetic properties of the ground doublet and the large energy of the second, (E2-E1)/k approximately equal to 41 K, and third doublet, (E3-E1)/k greater than or equal to 170 K, can be modeled with a quartet admixture of approximately 11% to the spin sextet. All evidence suggests a ferryl, OFeIV, state of the heme iron in compounds I and II and related complexes. The small isomer shift, delta Fe approximately equal to 0.06 mm/s, the (positive) quadrupole splitting, delta EQ approximately equal to 1.4 mm/s, the spin S = 1, and the large positive zero field splitting, D/k approximately equal to 35 K, are all characteristic of the ferryl state. In the green compound I the iron weakly couples to a porphyrin radical with spin S' = 1/2. A phenomenological model with a weak exchange interaction S . J . S', magnitude of less than or equal to 0.1 D, reproduces all Mössbauer and EPR data of compound I, but the structural origin of the exchange and its apparent distribution require further study. Reaction of horseradish peroxidase with chlorite leads to compound X with delta Fe = 0.07 mm/s and delta EQ = 1.53 mm/s, values that are closest to those of compound II. The diamagnetism of compound III and its Mössbauer parameters delta Fe = 0.23 mm/s and delta EQ = -2.31 mm/s at 4.2 K clearly identify it as an oxyheme adduct.[1]


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