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Further studies on the biochemical characterization of the MC-29 virus derived transplantable hepatoma (VTH). II. Modification of cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate levels by catecholamines, glucagon and Vinca alkaloids in normal chicken liver and VTH.

Basic and stimulated intracellular cAMP concentrations were measured in normal chicken liver and MC-29-virus-derived transplantable hepatoma (VTH) slices after in vitro incubation. Data indicated the preservation of catecholamine receptor but a loss of glucagon receptor in VTH. Comparing the relative stimulatory action of various catecholamines on cAMP concentration it was concluded that as in normal liver a predominantly beta 2-adrenergic receptor exists in the VTH, but its response to adrenaline is greater. Vinca alkaloids induced higher cAMP concentration in VTH than in normal liver. This stimulation was abolished by glucagon, while catecholamines and Vincristine acted in a synergistic manner on cAMP concentration.[1]


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