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Effects of somatostatin on established induced ketosis.

The metabolic effects of Somatostatin (SRIF) added to insulin were studied in five diabetic subjects with ketonuria induced by insulin withdrawal. In the same patients ketonuria was induced twice and they were randomly treated with insulin alone (10 units as a bolus + infusion 1 U/hr) until euglycemia was reached or with insulin (same criteria) + cyclic SRIF (100 micrograms/ hr i.v.) for ten hours. Treatment with insulin + SRIF significantly reduced both peak and cumulative hGH levels in contrast to insulin alone. Moreover, the percent decrease of glucagon was significantly greater during insulin + SRIF than with insulin alone. On the other hand, the beta-OH levels fell significantly more during insulin + SRIF than during insulin alone. Finally the prolactin plasma levels fell considerably when combined treatment was given but not when just insulin was administered.[1]


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