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Plasma creatinine and creatinine clearance in nutritional osteomalacia.

To confirm recent observations that some vitamin D deficient osteomalacic patients had low plasma creatinine concentrations, low urinary creatinine excretion, and a paradoxically low creatinine clearance, and whether these changes were due to vitamin D deficiency per se, these measurements were made in patients before and after vitamin D supplementation. The pretreatment levels were also compared with those in healthy controls and in non-osteomalacic patients without renal disease. The above changes were confirmed. After treatment with vitamin D, plasma creatinine concentrations rose, but urinary creatinine excretion and creatinine clearance did not alter. These data indicate the limitation of creatinine clearance as an index of renal function in vegetarian osteomalacic patients. Furthermore, they demonstrate the effect of vitamin D deficiency and its reversal on plasma creatinine concentrations.[1]


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