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Physical mapping of the globin gene deletion in hereditary persistence of foetal haemoglobin (HPFH).

We have mapped the globin gene region in the DNA of two HPFH patients. In a patient homozygous for the G gamma A gamma type of HPFH at least 24 kb of DNA in the globin gene region has been deleted to remove most of the gamma-delta intergenic region and the delta and beta globin genes. The 5' break point of the deletion is located about 9 kb upstream from the delta globin gene. The 3' break point has not been precisely located but is at least 7 kb past the beta globin gene. DNA from an individual heterozygous for the Greek (A gamma) type of HPFH, however, shows no detectable deletion in the entire gamma delta beta-globin gene region. HPFH, therefore, appears to occur in different molecular forms. These results are discussed in terms of a model for the regulation of globin gene expression in man.[1]


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