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Gene Review

HBD  -  hemoglobin, delta

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Delta-globin, Hemoglobin delta chain, Hemoglobin subunit delta
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Disease relevance of HBD

  • An element upstream from the human delta-globin-encoding gene specifically enhances beta-globin reporter gene expression in murine erythroleukemia cells [1].
  • These findings have potential relevance for the future prospective treatment of inherited hemoglobinopathies based on the conversion of the low functioning delta-globin gene into a high functioning beta-like globin gene [2].
  • The finding of the new variant increases the genotype heterogeneity of the delta-globin gene in the Mediterranean area, and is relevant to the study and prevention of Cooley's Anemia [3].
  • We have tested this hypothesis for an element that covers the minimal distance between the thalassemia and HPFH deletions and is thought to be responsible for the difference between a deletion HPFH and deltabeta-thalassemia, located 5' of the delta-globin gene [4].
  • To analyze this deletion, we have cloned the abnormal 10 kb Bgl II fragment that contains the delta-globin gene into phage lambda vector EMBL4 [5].

High impact information on HBD


Biological context of HBD


Anatomical context of HBD

  • Identification of an alternate delta-globin mRNA in adult human erythroid cells [12].
  • The results show that both CACCC elements are able to activate the delta globin gene promoter in Cos7 and K562 cells, although to a different extent, whereas only the proximal CACCC element is effective in increasing the transcription efficiency in MEL cells [2].
  • In this report, we describe the isolation of a variant of the K562 cell line that actively expresses beta-globin messenger RNA (mRNA) and polypeptide and shows greatly reduced expression of the delta-globin genes [13].
  • No histone-associated regions are present at the sites tested within the beta- and delta-globin genes which are silent in the embryonic yolk sac [14].
  • In this report we describe two Sardinian families who have increased Hb A2 levels, normal red blood cell indices and normal globin chain synthesis and in whom DNA sequence analysis of beta and delta globin genes did not reveal any abnormality [15].

Associations of HBD with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of HBD


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HBD


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