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Expression of a subgenomic retroviral messenger RNA.

When mRNA for avian retroviral envolope glycoprotein (env) was injected into cells transformed by env-deficient Bryan Rous sarcoma virus, the env deficiency of the injected cells was complemented to allow the release of transforming virus for up to 40 hr. When virus spread within the injected culture was allowed to occur, a second phase of transforming virus production by the injected culture began approximately 2 days following injection, continued for many days and often increased to titers well above those seen soon after injection. The requirement for virus spread, along with the genetic properties of virus released long after injection, supported the hypothesis that the second phase of virus production resulted when injected env mRNA was packaged into virus released by injected cells. When this virus infected other cells within the culture the env mRNA was reverse-transcribed to form a subgenomic, proviral-like molecule able to direct the synthesis of env mRNA. Accordingly, it was shown tht neither DNA nor full genomic viral RNA contaminating injected mRNA preparations could account for the results. Evidence that an mRNA can be reverse-transcribed into an active, proviral-like molecule may be of importance in the relationship between retroviruses and their hosts.[1]


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