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Inhibition of RNA dependent DNA polymerases by anthracycline antibiotics.

In our experimental work we intended to study the effect of certain anthracycline antibiotics, like Adriamycin, Daunomycin, Carminomycin on the RNA dependent DNA polymerase, i.e. reverse transcriptase ( RT) system. Over the direct effect on the RT our aim was to find out the rate of selectivity of above antibiotics on the RT. For doing this we compared the above effects to those found on natural nucleic acid polymerases. These experiments were confirmed using synthetic polynucleotid template poly(rA)n(dT)12-18 for the Rauscher RT enzyme and poly(dA)n . poly(dT)n for E. coli DNA polymerase I. In our work we have shown that Carminomycin, in contrast to Adriamycin and Daunomycin, possesses a highly specific inhibitory effect on the RT enzyme system.[1]


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