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Expression of c-myc RNA in bursal lymphoma cell lines: identification of c-myc-encoded proteins by hybrid-selected translation.

We examined expression of the c-myc locus in four cell lines established from bursal lymphomas induced by avian leukosis virus. In all four lines the level of myc-related RNA was elevated. In three lines a majority of the myc-containing RNAs lacked viral-LTR-related sequences, in contrast to results obtained with primary tumors. This suggests that LTR sequences are not required for maintenance of high level c-myc expression. One line, RP9, has a complex pattern of myc RNAs containing LTR sequences, and one of these RNAs is packaged into virions. Using hybrid selection of RNAs with myc DNA, followed by in vitro translation, we detected translation of myc-related proteins from RNA of all four cell lines. The sizes of these proteins differ among the cell lines. The major polypeptides detected were 64, 57, and 54 kilodaltons. Events leading to elevation of c-myc transcription may be accompanied by alterations in mRNA initiation or processing that generate different protein products.[1]


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