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  • Understanding how specificity is achieved in PI3K signaling is of particular significance because altered regulation of this pathway is observed in many disease states, including leukemia and lymphoma [11].
  • Mice inheriting two copies of this mutation (Trp53(515C/515C)) escape the early onset of thymic lymphomas that characterize Trp53-null mice [12].
  • Mice deficient for both H2AX and p53 (H(delta/delta)P(-/-)) rapidly developed immature T and B lymphomas and solid tumors [13].
  • We show that MYC, BCL and immunoglobulin loci, which are recurrently translocated in various B-cell lymphomas, are preferentially positioned in close spatial proximity relative to each other in normal B cells [14].
  • We show that pro-B lymphomas in mice deficient for both p53 and nonhomologous end-joining (NHEJ) contain complicons that coamplify c-myc (chromosome 15) and IgH (chromosome 12) sequences [15].

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