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Evidence that the Thy-1 molecule is the target for T cell mitogenic antibody against brain-associated antigens.

Rabbit anti-mouse brain (RaMBr) antiserum can induce Lyt-1+, Lyt-2-, T cells to proliferate and stimulates the same T cell subset to induce B cell proliferation. The aim of this report is to demonstrate that the mitogenic determinant recognized on the T cell surface by RaMBr antiserum is located on the Thy-1 molecule expressing the products of the Thy-1a and Thy-1b alleles. Evidence is drawn from serological and genetic experiments. The brain T cell cross-reactive, mitogenic determinant is not expressed on Thy-1- mutants of the BW5147 T cell lymphoma that fail to express the Thy-1 molecule but do express other T cell surface proteins such as T-200 and gp 69, 71. Monoclonal anti-Thy-1.1 and anti-Thy-1.2 antibodies block the binding to the appropriate T cells of the majority of the serum antibody from RaMBr antiserum. The absorption of mitogenic antibody was blocked in a similar fashion, thus demonstrating the close association of the determinant and the Thy-1 antigen defined by monoclonal alloantibodies. The mitogenic and Thy-1.1 determinants are probably located on the same molecule because of the data obtained with the BW5147 Thy-1- mutants and the observation that Thy-1a T cells, which express a lower level of surface Thy-1 than Thy-1b T cells, also express lower levels of the determinant recognized by RaMBr antiserum. Furthermore, in (AKR x DBA/2)F1 mice (Thy-1a/b) which express less Thy-1.1 antigen than Thy-1.2 at the surface, the mitogenic determinant was found to be preferentially associated with Thy-1. 2. The coordinated genetic control of the surface levels of the Thy-1 determinant and the mitogenic determinant suggests that both determinants are situated on the same molecule in the T cell membrane.[1]


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