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Left-ventricular ejection fraction and segmental wall motion by peripheral first-pass radionuclide angiography.

A computerized edge-detection method was developed to obtain radionuclide ventriculograms for analysis of left-ventricular ejection fraction and segmental wall motion from first-pass studies following i.v. injection of radionuclide. The accuracy of this technique was examined in 21 patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. Tc-99m DTPA was injected into an antecubital vein, with data acquisition in the 30 degrees RAO projection by a gamma scintillation camera interfaced to a computer. A computerized profile analysis was used to determine objectively the edge of the left-ventricular blood pool. Time-activity curves were generated, and the ejection fraction was calculated from sequential end-diastolic and end-systolic count rates. The values for ejection fraction correlated well with those obtained by single-plane contrast ventriculography (r = 0.95). End-diastolic and end-systolic images were reconstructed from the time-activity curve. To analyze segmental wall motion, the left-ventricular outline was divided into five segments and the motion of each segment was graded qualitatively from 1 to 5. Seventy-five of 105 segments had the same grade as the wall motion determined by contrast angiography, and 102 of 105 were within one grade. (P less than 0.001). These findings demonstrate the accuracy of this improved technique for objective, rapid, and noninvasive determination of left-ventricular function.[1]


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