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Nucleotide sequence of gene pfkB encoding the minor phosphofructokinase of Escherichia coli K-12.

The nucleotide sequence of a 1.3-kb DNA fragment containing the entire pfkB gene which codes for Pfk-2 of Escherichia coli, a minor phosphofructokinase ( Pfk) enzyme, is reported. The Pfk-2 protein subunit is encoded by 924 bp, has 308 amino acids and an Mr of 33 000. Like other weakly expressed E. coli genes the codon usage in the pfkB gene is random; there is no strong bias for the usage of major tRNA isoaccepting species, and the codon preference rules of Grosjean and Fiers [Gene, 18 (1982) 199-209] are followed. This is the first report of the complete gene sequence of a phosphofructokinase.[1]


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