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Gene Review

pfkB  -  6-phosphofructokinase II

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK1721, JW5280
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Disease relevance of pfkB

  • Like other weakly expressed E. coli genes the codon usage in the pfkB gene is random; there is no strong bias for the usage of major tRNA isoaccepting species, and the codon preference rules of Grosjean and Fiers [Gene, 18 (1982) 199-209] are followed [1].

High impact information on pfkB

  • Transcription in vitro from pfkB+ and pfkB1 allowed the determination of the +1 position in both cases, at about 19 base-pairs before the initiating methionine codon; the level of transcription was much higher from pfkB1 than from pfkB+ [2].
  • The DNA sequence of the 408 base-pair fragments from pfkB+ and pfkB1 were found to differ only in a single residue, the pfkB1 mutation thus proving to be a C to T change at position about -12 from the initiation of transcription [2].
  • This paper is about the pfkB1 mutation. pfkB+, pfkB1 and pfkB1 pfkB10 were cloned and subcloned on plasmid pBR322; their functions were carried, in all three cases, by a 2.1 X 10(3) base-pair fragment with a similar or identical restriction pattern [2].
  • One class of mutants named katE was localized between pfkB and xthA at 37.8 min on the E. coli genome [3].

Biological context of pfkB


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