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Eucaryotic transposable genetic elements with inverted terminal repeats.

DNA carrying inverted repeats was tested for transposition within the Drosophila genome. Five Bam HI segments containing related inverted repeats were isolated from D. melanogaster and analyzed by electron microscopy and restriction mapping. Southern blot experiments using single-copy flanking sequences as probes allowed the study of DNA arrangements at specific sites in the genomes of five closely related strains. We found that in some genomes the sequences with inverted repeats were present at a particular site, whereas in other genomes they were absent from this site. These results indicated that three of the sequences are transposable genetic elements. In one case we have purified the two corresponding DNA segments, with and without the sequence containing inverted repeats, thereby confirming the mobility of this sequence. These DNA elements were found to be distinct in two ways from copia and others previously described: first, they contain inverted terminal repeats, and second, they have a more heterogeneous construction.[1]


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