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Transposable elements associated with constitutive expression of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase II.

The yeast structural gene ADR2, coding for the glucose-repressible alcohol dehydrogenase (ADHII), has been isolated by complementation of function in transformed yeast. The chromosomal DNA from nine yeast strains with cis-dominant constitutive mutations (ADR3c) has been investigated by restriction enzyme analysis, using the cloned ADR2 DNA as a hybridization probe. Seven mutants appear to have insertions of approximately 5.6 kg near the 5' end of the ADR2-coding region. Four of these insertions have the same restriction pattern as the yeast transposable element Ty1. Two differ from Ty1 by the presence of an additional Hind III site, and a seventh insertion differs from Ty1 at a number of restriction sites. All are inserted in the same orientation with respect to the structural gene. A DNA fragment containing the ADR2 gene and adjacent sequences from a constitutive mutant has been cloned and shown by heteroduplex analysis to contain an insertion near the 5' end of the structural gene. The cloned insertion sequence hybridizes to multiple genomic DNA fragments, indicating that it contains a moderately repetitive sequence. Thus it appears that insertion of a transposable element near the 5' terminus of the structural gene can produce constitutive expression of a normally glucose-repressed enzyme. Such insertions seem to be the most common way of generating cis-dominant constitutive mutations of ADHII.[1]


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