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DNA sequences flanking an E. coli insertion element IS2 in a cloned yeast TRP5 gene.

The insertion of an Escherichia coli IS2 element upstream from a cloned yeast TRP5 gene results in an increased level of active tryptophan synthase in trpAB E. coli host cells. This insertion occurs about 60 bp upstream from the first AUG of the TRP5 gene and is associated with a duplication of the sequence TTACA at the target site. The nucleotide sequence corresponding to the first 173 amino acids of the yeast TRP5 gene has also been determined. The N-terminal region of the yeast tryptophan synthase includes areas of strong homology with the alpha-subunit of the corresponding E. coli enzyme. Sequences from the 5' untranslated region upstream from the TRP5 gene are compared to homologous areas of other yeast genes.[1]


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