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Critical sequences within mitochondrial introns: cis-dominant mutations of the "cytochrome-b-like" intron of the oxidase gene.

We have established the DNA sequence of two cis-dominant mutations located in the fourth intron, a14, of the yeast mitochondrial gene oxi3. These mutations prevent the synthesis of subunit I of cytochrome oxidase. Both mutations affect a very short DNA sequence located several hundred base pairs from the intron-exon junctions. An identical sequence is found in the cob-box gene; and this sequence is critical for the excision of the cytochrome b intron. Our interpretation is that this short sequence represents a common signal that must be recognized by the box7-encoded mRNA maturase, in conjunction with the mitochondrial ribosome, to splice out the introns in the two nonhomologous genes, cob-box and oxi3.[1]


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