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Genes, Mitochondrial

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  • MTF, a murine minor histocompatibility antigen, is maternally inherited and thought to be encoded by a mitochondrial gene [7].
  • This maturase is required to splice the fourth intron of this gene and to splice the fourth intron of the mitochondrial gene oxi3 encoding cytochrome oxidase subunit I. We have cloned the nuclear gene NAM2, which codes for two overlapping RNAs, 3.2 kb and 3.0 kb long, which are transcribed in the same direction but differ at their 5' ends [8].
  • An mRNA maturase is encoded by the first intron of the mitochondrial gene for the subunit I of cytochrome oxidase in S. cerevisiae [9].
  • The Zea mays mitochondrial gene coding cytochrome oxidase subunit II has an intervening sequence and does not contain TGA codons [10].
  • The mRNAs from two yeast mitochondrial genes cob-box (cytochrome b) and oxi-3 (cytochrome oxidase 40,000 dalton subunit) are processed from large (7-10 kb) precursors [11].

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  • The ability of interferon to reduce mitochondrial mRNA levels could be blocked by cycloheximide suggesting that these effects are mediated by an interferon-responsive nuclear gene which encodes a product capable of regulating mitochondrial gene expression [24].
  • To test the validity of this notion, we have taken advantage of our ability to discriminate, by mobility differences on sodium dodecyl sulfate/polyacrylamide gels, different forms of the product of alleles of the mitochondrial gene, varI [25].
  • Its catalytic centers, however, are encoded exclusively by two mitochondrial genes, CO1 and CO2 (encoding CO subunits I and II, respectively) [26].
  • Since some other kinetoplastid mitochondrial genes also lack conventional initiation codons, creation of initiation codons may be an important function of uridine addition [27].
  • Lack of phenotypic change suggests that mitochondrial gene expression has not been noticeably disrupted in SPR1 despite deletion of the consensus nonomer promoter upstream from the glutamic acid tRNA gene [28].

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