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Nucleotide sequence of the transforming gene of simian sarcoma virus.

The sequence of the transforming region of simian sarcoma virus (SSV) has been determined by using molecularly cloned viral DNA. This region encompassed the 1.0-kilobase pair woolly monkey cell-derived insertion sequence, v-sis, and flanking simian sarcoma-associated viral (SSAV) sequences. A 675-nucleotide-long open reading frame commenced 19 nucleotides within the SSAV sequences to the left of the v-sis helper viral junction and terminated within v-sis itself. Possible promoter and acceptor splice signals were detected in helper viral sequences upstream from this open reading frame, and potential polyadenylylation sites were identified downstream both within v-sis and in helper viral sequences beyond v-sis. The recombinational event that led to the generation of SSV occurred in the middle of two functional codons, indicating that SSAV provided the regulatory elements for transcription as well as the initiation codon for translation of SSV cell-derived transforming sequences.[1]


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