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Relationship between multiple copies of a T. brucei variable surface glycoprotein gene whose expression is not controlled by duplication.

Unlike many other T. brucei variable surface glycoprotein (VSG) genes, the IITat 1.3 gene is not duplicated when it is expressed. Analysis of the multiple copies of this gene present in all IITaR 1 trypanosome clones by restriction enzyme mapping and sequencing shows that the expressed copy may have arisen by duplication and transposition to a telomeric site, as is observed for those VSG genes whose expression is linked to duplication. The existence of a mechanism selecting between a number of complete telomeric VSG gene copies for expression is implied by these results. Comparisons of the nontelomeric copies of the IITat 1.3 gene are consistent with involvement of gene duplication and mutational drift in the evolution of new VSG genes.[1]


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