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Relationship of simian virus 40 tumor antigens to virus-induced mutagenesis.

We analyzed the mutation frequency to 8-azaguanine (8AZ) resistance in rat FR3T3 cells acutely infected with simian virus 40 wild type and tsA and early deletion mutants and in a series of temperature-sensitive (N) and temperature-insensitive (A) transformants derived from Chinese hamster lung (CHL) cells. Upon acute infection, the frequency of mutation to 8AZ resistance was raised at most by two- to eightfold over the spontaneous frequency, and it was independent of the presence of a functional 90,000-molecular-weight T antigen or 20,000-molecular-weight t antigen or both. Similarly, in the stable transformants of CHL cells, no correlation was found between functional T antigens and mutation to 8AZ resistance. It therefore seems unlikely that simian virus 40-induced transformation results from any mutagenic activity of this virus.[1]


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