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Nucleotide sequence of a 2 kbp BamH I fragment of Vicia faba chloroplast DNA containing the genes for threonine, glutamic acid and tyrosine transfer RNAs.

The entire nucleotide sequence of a 2014 bp BamH I fragment from broad bean (Vicia faba) chloroplast DNA containing the genes for tRNAThr (trnT), tRNAGlu (trnE) and tRNATyr (trnY) has been determined. The tRNAGlu and tRNATyr genes are separated by only 60 bp and are probably part of the same transcriptional unit. The tRNAThr gene is located on the complementary strand, 876 bp away from the tRNAGlu gene. This fragment also contains an open reading frame of 82 codons, as well as a series of AT-rich, direct and inverted repeats.[1]


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