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A temperature-sensitive mutant of E. coli exhibiting slow processing of exported proteins.

A temperature-sensitive E. coli mutant with a mutation in the spc ribosomal protein operon was found to have a conditional defect in the processing of precursor proteins destined for the periplasmic space or the outer membrane. At high temperatures, significant amounts of precursor proteins having unprocessed signal sequences are detected in the mutant cell by pulse-labeling. The precursors are processed at very slow rates during a subsequent chase. Genetic analysis indicates that the mutation impairs the function of a gene, termed secY, located at the promoter-distal part of the spc operon. The secY gene is distinct from those genes previously known to specify ribosomal proteins, yet it is within the spc operon. It is suggested that the product of the secY gene is a component of the cellular apparatus that is essential for protein secretion across the cytoplasmic membrane. The gene secY is probably identical with prlA, previously identified as a suppressor of signal sequence mutations.[1]


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