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H-2 haplotypes, genes and antigens: second listing. II. The H-2 complex.

In this second part of the Second Listing, we describe genes that constitute the H-2 complex proper. Here, we define the complex functionally as consisting of class I and class II loci (see Klein et al. 1983a). The H-2- associated complement loci and the Neu-1 locus have been described in the first part of the Second Listing (Klein et al. 1982), but for completeness we list them here again in some of the tables. We include into the H-2 complex the cluster of Qa and Tla loci, which we consider as class I loci (Klein et al. 1983). The genetic map of the definitely established loci appears in Figure 1 and is based on the recent results of molecular genetics studies (Steinmetz et al. 1982 a, b). For historical reasons we also describe loci (regions, subregions) that were once thought to be part of the H-2 complex but either they have since been withdrawn, or their actual existence is at present uncertain. We first list loci (regions, subregions) that have been designated by capital letters (we call it Madman's Alphabet because of the frivolity with which symbols have been introduced and then withdrawn again), and then other loci believed to be associated with the H-2 complex. As in the First Listing (Klein et al. 1978), the core of the review in the Second Listing constitutes the tables of H-2 haplotypes, antigens, and determinants.[1]


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