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Chloroplast gene for Mr 32000 polypeptide of photosystem II in Euglena gracilis is interrupted by four introns with conserved boundary sequences.

The gene for the Mr 32000 herbicide binding polypeptide of photosystem II has previously been mapped to the 5 kbp EcoRI fragment Eco I of Euglena gracilis chloroplast DNA. The nucleotide sequence of 3324 bp of Eco I, containing the psbA locus, has been determined. This locus encodes a polypeptide of 345 amino acids which is co-linear with, and has 86% derived amino acid sequence homology to sequences derived from four higher plants chloroplast psbA loci. The Euglena psbA gene contains four introns of size 435, 443, 434, and 617 bp. The four introns have conserved boundary sequences of the type previously described in the Euglena chloroplast gene (rbcL) for the large subunit of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase (Koller et al., Cell 36, 545-553, 1984).[1]


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