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Psychologic tests in the evaluation of psychic changes after myelography with metrizamide.

The possibility of using psychologic tests to demonstrate psychic changes following myelography with metrizamide was investigated in 15 patients. The tests were made before and after the examination. The results revealed psychic changes of cognitive nature to occur both at 6 and at 24 hours after myelography. Of the tests used determination of the reaction time gave most significant results. Subjectively the patients considered themselves better 24 hours after the examination than after 6 hours. This was not confirmed from the test results--an observation indicating the sensitivity of the test instruments used. Thus, these appear to be well suited to study cognitive changes caused by the contrast media used in this particular type of examination. Since the tests are repeatedly performed, the effect of habituation and of learning cannot be avoided. However, when applied in groups of patients, in whom the effects of different contrast media are compared, the disadvantages of these specific effects can be neglected.[1]


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