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Chemical Compound Review

Amipaque     3-acetamido-5-(ethanoyl- methyl-amino)-2,4...

Synonyms: Amipak, metrizamide, Amipaque (TN), AG-F-03228, BSPBio_000566, ...
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Disease relevance of metrizamide


Psychiatry related information on metrizamide


High impact information on metrizamide

  • A computed tomographic metrizamide cisternogram showed a pedunculated mass below the tuber cinereum; the mass was resected [11].
  • Normodense human peripheral blood eosinophils were isolated under sterile conditions from the 22/23 and 23/24% interfaces and the cell pellet of metrizamide gradients [12].
  • Eosinophils cultured for 7 d localized on density gradient sedimentation at the medium/18, 18/20, and 20/21 interfaces of metrizamide gradients, indicating a change to the hypodense phenotype from their original normodense condition [12].
  • First, bone marrow cells are centrifuged in a discontinuous metrizamide gradient and simultaneously labeled with wheat germ agglutinin-fluorescein isothiocyanate (WGA-FITC) [13].
  • Further evidence for an alpha granule localization of PADGEM protein was provided by nitrogen cavitation of resting platelets followed by metrizamide density gradient centrifugation; PADGEM protein codistributed with platelet factor 4 [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of metrizamide


Biological context of metrizamide


Anatomical context of metrizamide


Associations of metrizamide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of metrizamide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of metrizamide

  • Prolonged delirium after metrizamide myelography [37].
  • Two distinct "heavy" and "light" crude PO fractions were prepared by differential pelleting from normal and regenerating liver, and highly purified PO were subsequently isolated by density-dependent metrizamide gradient centrifugation according to Völkl and Fahimi (1985. Eur. J. Biochem. 149:257-265) [38].
  • 60: 604-617), was subfractionated by isopycnic centrifugation in a metrizamide gradient and the distribution of several marker enzymes was established [24].
  • Subcellular fractionation studies utilizing Percoll and metrizamide gradient centrifugation in addition to molecular exclusion chromatography suggest that the accumulated AChR reside in a compartment with lysosomal characteristics [39].
  • Previous reports may have underestimated the frequency of EEG changes after metrizamide since these may require 24 to 48 hours to develop [40].


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