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Stress mRNA metabolism in canavanine-treated chicken embryo cells.

Four major chicken stress mRNAs with apparent molecular weights of 1.2 X 10(6), 0.88 X 10(6), 0.59 X 10(6), and 0.25 X 10(6) to 0.28 X 10(6) were separated on acidic agarose-urea gels. Using cell-free translation, the coding assignments of these mRNAs were determined to be stress proteins with apparent molecular weights of 88,000, 71,000, 35,000, and 23,000. Despite high levels of translational activity in vivo and in vitro, no newly synthesized mRNA for the 23-kilodalton stress protein was detected on gels under conditions which readily allowed detection of other stress mRNAs, suggesting activation of a stored or incompletely processed mRNA. Cloned Drosophila heat shock genes were used to identify and measure changes in cellular levels of the two largest stress mRNAs. Synthesis of these mRNAs increased rapidly during the first hour of canavanine treatment and continued at a high rate for at least 7 h, with the mRNAs attaining new steady-state levels by ca. 3 h. Both of these inducible stress mRNAs had very short half-lives compared with other animal cell mRNAs. Using an approach-to-steady-state analysis, the half-lives were calculated to be 89 min for the mRNA encoding the 88-kilodalton stress protein and 46 min for the mRNA encoding the 71-kilodalton stress protein. Chicken 18S and 28S rRNA synthesis was inhibited, and actin mRNA levels measured with cloned cDNA encoding chicken beta-actin slowly declined in canavanine-treated cells.[1]


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