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Specific binding of [3H]diazepam in mouse glioblastoma: the influence of clonazepam and Ro 5-4864 on [3H]diazepam binding.

The reversible specific binding of [3H]diazepam was observed by a radioligand method in homogenates of cultured cells of mouse glioblastoma. It was characterized by an equilibrium dissociation constant Kd = 91 +/- 5 nM and the number of maximal binding sites (Bmax) of 1006 +/- 100 fmol/ mg protein. The half-saturation and half-degradation periods for the ligand-receptor complex were 15 and 10 s, respectively. The specific binding sites from glioblastoma are similar to the peripheral-type receptors as their inhibition constant for Ro 5-4864 Ki = 16 nM and that for clonazepam Ki = 30 microM.[1]


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