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Efficacy of chemotherapeutic treatment of guinea pig hepatoma reflected in host's serum lipid composition.

A correlation was found between the highly polar phospholipid (HPPL) content of serum lipids and the growth and metastasis of the line-10 hepatoma in strain 2 guinea pigs. Animals whose tumors were treated by intralesional injection of decarbazine (DTIC) or saline showed progressive tumor growth and metastasis resulting in death within 120 days of tumor implantation. The percent HPPl in the serum lipids of these animals rose to 40% by 80 days and remained elevated above 20-25% until death. Animals whose tumors were treated by intralesional injection of adriamycin were either cured of their tumors (67%) or showed little or no tumor growth. The percent HPPL in the serum lipids of these animals remained between 3 and 12% at all times. Adriamycin or DTIC injected into non-tumor-bearing animals resulted in an HPPL content of serum lipids that was not significantly different from that of control, saline-inoculated animals.[1]


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