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Neoplasms produced from C3H/ 10T 1/2 cells attached to plastic plates; saturation density, anchorage dependence and serum requirement of in vitro lines correlated with growth aggressiveness in vivo.

The C3H/ 10T 1/2 embryo cell line, which is nontumorigenic when inoculated subcutaneously in saline suspension, produces tumors when implanted subcutaneously attached to 1 X 5 X 10 mm plastic plates. Under these in vivo conditions there is direct selection for "spontaneous" transformants that have undergone the specific cellular alterations required for neoplastic behavior. This is in contrast to the conventional situation where transformants are obtained in vitro and are only secondarily tested in vivo for neoplastic behavior. Early passages of cell lines from four different C3H/ 10T 1/2 tumors explanted back in culture were quantitatively examined for tumorigenicity and for alteration in the properties of density inhibition, anchorage dependence, serum requirement, and plasminogen activator production. A fairly consistent quantitative relationship was found between the degree of growth aggressiveness in vivo and the degree of expression of these phenotypic markers of the transformed state in vitro during early passages of the cell lines after tumor explantation.[1]


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