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Active immunization of female rats against 17 beta-estradiol. Preliminary studies on 17 beta-estradiol binding in uterine and pituitary cytosols.

Female rats were immunized with 17 beta-estradiol-6-carboxymethyloxime-bovine serum albumin. They developed antibodies to estradiol and, to a very low extent, antibodies to BSA. Anti-estradiol antibodies possessed tight specificity to estradiol-17 beta, without cross-reactivities with other estrogens. It was demonstrated that the specific estradiol binding in uterine and pituitary cytosols gradually decreased when antiserum titres increased. In uterine cytosols, the presence of progesterone receptor was studied using promegestone (R50 20) as ligand. No significant variations in promegestone binding were observed. Competition experiments however, questioned the permanence in immunized rats of the actual progesterone receptor or of a promegestone binding protein.[1]


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