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A transcript from the S segment of the Germiston bunyavirus is uncapped and codes for the nucleoprotein and a nonstructural protein.

Analysis of the RNAs present in BHK-21 cells infected with Germiston virus showed that the transcripts from the L and M segments have a size similar to that of their template, whereas two types of complementary RNA are transcribed from the S segment. One, S1, is a full-length "plus" RNA strand (antigenome), and the other, S2, is an incomplete plus RNA strand which serves as mRNA for at least the synthesis of the N protein and a virus-specific nonstructural polypeptide, p12. The 5' ends of these two transcripts appeared to be identical and complementary to the 3' ends of the viral RNA. Our results suggest that transcription of the S fragment either stops 100 to 150 nucleotides from the 5' end of the template, generating an S2 molecule, or continues, generating an S1 molecule. Neither the S1 antigenome nor the S2 mRNA molecules were polyadenylated at their 3' ends or capped at their 5' ends.[1]


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