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Gene Review

N  -  nucleoprotein

Oropouche virus

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Disease relevance of N

  • Bunyaviruses are negative stranded RNA viruses with a trisegmented genome, and the large, medium, and small RNA segments encode the polymerase, the glycoproteins, and the nucleoprotein, respectively [1].
  • A transcript from the S segment of the Germiston bunyavirus is uncapped and codes for the nucleoprotein and a nonstructural protein [2].
  • RECENT FINDINGS: Diagnosis of Toscana virus infection has been facilitated by new molecular methods and by immunoenzymatic tests based on the recombinant nucleoprotein [3].

High impact information on N


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of N

  • All five mutants showed immunofluorescence when cells were stained at 39 degrees C using a double-staining technique employing monoclonal antibodies against the glycoproteins G1 or G2, and polyclonal antibodies against the nucleoprotein, N [7].


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