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Intraocular injections of nipecotic acid produce a preferential block of neuronal 3H-GABA accumulation in adult rabbit retina.

A procedure by which the activity of the retinal GABA uptake system can be manipulated in vivo has been developed. Intraocular injections of nipecotic acid, a proported GABA uptake blocker, were administered to adult rabbits every 48 hours for a two-week period. No behavioral or systemic changes were observed. Injections were well-tolerated with less than 10% loss of the tissue caused by physical damage or injection. Biochemical analyses demonstrated a dose-dependent inhibition of 14C-GABA uptake into retinal tissue. No effect on uptake was observed for saline-treated tissue. Autoradiographic analyses showed that in vivo treatment with nipecotic acid preferentially blocked accumulation of 3H-GABA into the amacrine cell bodies and processes in the inner plexiform layer. This treatment may be especially useful in assessing the functional significance of GABA transport in vivo.[1]


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