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Inhibition of induced L-ornithine decarboxylase stimulation and erythrodifferentiation in Friend erythroleukemia cells by 2',5'-isoadenylate trimer core.

Friend erythroleukemia cells were induced to differentiate by hexamethylene bisacetamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, and dimethylformamide. The effect of 2',5'-oligoadenosine (trimer core) on cell growth, on erythrodifferentiation, and on the level of L-ornithine decarboxylase was tested. The results indicated a dose response-inhibitory effect of the trimer core on erythrodifferentiation. The optimal dose of the trimer inhibited hexamethylene bisacetamide and dimethyl sulfoxide stimulation of L-ornithine decarboxylase activity, with no apparent effect on cell growth, resembling the effect of high doses of interferon on both erythrodifferentiation and L-ornithine decarboxylase reported previously.[1]


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