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IgE anti-IgG antibodies in patients with juvenile and adult rheumatoid arthritis including Felty's syndrome.

Anti-IgG antibodies (anti-IgG) of the IgE class were studied in sera from patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), rheumatoid arthritis ( RA) and patients with Felty's syndrome (FS) by use of an indirect immunofluorescence technique. Forty-two per cent of 26 patients with JRA had IgE anti-IgG in serum all in low titers. Positive reactions prevailed in patients with multiple joint involvement. Sixty-three per cent of 30 patients with RA and 80% of 20 patients with FS had IgE anti-IgG, the titers found in FS patients being significantly higher. In JRA and FS patients the IgE anti-IgG titers were correlated to the titers of anti-IgG of the IgG class, and for FS patients also with the IgM and IgA classes of anti-IgG. In six of 10 patients with RA the synovial fluid samples from both knees contained IgE anti-IgG. In four of these patients the titers of IgE anti-IgG were higher than in the corresponding serum sample, pointing to a local production. After G-200 Sephadex chromatography IgE anti-IgG were demonstrated in the void volume indicating the presence of these autoantibodies in immune complexes. IgE anti-IgG may be involved in the pathogenesis of JRA and RA by eliciting Type I and III reactions.[1]


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