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A sensitive radiometric assay for ornithine aminotransferase: regional and subcellular distributions in rat brain.

A radiometric assay for ornithine aminotransferase was developed using [1-14C]alpha-ketoglutarate as the labeled substrate and glutamate decarboxylation as a linking step. This assay gives near total measurement of ornithine aminotransferase activities that are, respectively, about 1.5 and 10 times larger than those obtained by the spectrophotometric assay and the radiometric assay using [1-14C]ornithine. It is also the most sensitive of the three assay procedures. Consistent with previous reports, brain ornithine aminotransferase was found to be present predominantly in synaptosomes. Regional distribution of the enzyme correlated with that of the high-affinity uptake of glutamate, but not with the distribution of glutamate decarboxylase. Ornithine aminotransferase may be responsible for the synthesis of glutamate in glutamatergic neurons but it is clearly not localized exclusively in such neurons.[1]


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