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Ribosomal resistance to the 12,13-epoxytrichothecene antibiotics in the producing organism Myrothecium verrucaria.

An extract of Myrothecium verrucaria, a fungus which produces a range of 12,13-epoxytrichothecene toxins, was found to be resistant to T-2 toxin, one of its products. The epoxytrichothecenes are inhibitors of eukaryotic protein synthesis and normally bind to the 60S ribosomal subunit so as to inhibit peptidyltransferase activity. Ribosomes from M. verrucaria contain 60S subunits which are not subject to inhibition by T-2 toxin and are also resistant to certain other drugs such as anisomycin and homoharringtonine, but not sparsomycin or cycloheximide.[1]


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