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Osteonectin, a bone-specific protein linking mineral to collagen.

Osteonectin is a 32,000 dalton bone-specific protein that binds selectively to both hydroxyapatite and collagen. When osteonectin is bound to insolubilized type I collagen, the resultant complex binds synthetic apatite crystals and free calcium ions. The osteonectin-collagen complexes also nucleate mineral phase deposition from metastable balanced salt solutions, Antibodies to osteonectin cross-react with bone and, to a lesser extent, dentin, but not with other tissues. The protein is localized to mineralized bone trabeculae and occurs at higher levels in the matrix than in the cells of bone. These studies suggest that osteonectin is a tissue-specific protein, linking the bone mineral and collagen phases, perhaps initiating active mineralization in normal skeletal tissue.[1]


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